Hope in the Dark is a registered Canadian charity that serves impoverished children and their parents living in vulnerable physical and social conditions.

Our two main goals are to see their lives transformed as they come to know and follow Jesus Christ, and for them to be released from the cycle of poverty.

To accomplish this, we show the love of God in a tangible way by providing consistent aid and support through daily meals, educational assistance, and the teaching of God’s word.

At Hope in the Dark, we believe that only through the knowledge of God can a person be truly changed and set free. It is this transforming truth and the love of God that we want to show in a tangible way through word and action. We want to see the lives of many vulnerable children and their parents transformed by:

Providing nutritious meals, educational assistance and encouragement. A priority for Hope in the Dark is to secure school admission for children currently not enrolled is school as well as to equip illiterate children to enter school.

Developing and broadening the children’s interests and skills through extracurricular activities such as music lessons, arts, sports, theatre, English lessons, handcrafts, workshops, etc. Hope in the Dark also carries out some additional activities such as medical and dental campaigns for parents and children.

Supporting parents through vocational training, and the creation of small businesses. Our aim is to ensure that the parents do not develop a dependency on our help. Rather, we want to provide them with tools and opportunities to enable them to provide for their families and become contributing members of society. Providing mentorship, counselling, and teaching the word of God through daily and weekly Bible classes for both children and their parents.