When crisis strikes, many of us rely on relatives and friends for support. But for some parents, this is not an option. Safe Families seeks to come alongside parents in crisis while they get back on their feet by providing a loving, temporary home for children. Hosting can last for as little as a couple of days to several months. In addition to host families, families in need are connected with a Family Coach and Family Friends. A Family Coach comes alongside families in crisis to help them make the necessary changes to bring stability to their family life. They can provide guidance in helping someone find work or secure an apartment. Family Friends can provide encouragement and perform small tasks such as babysitting or transportation.

Over the past couple of months, we have had a few families reach out asking for help. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to help just yet. However, we are excited that the Calgary Chapter is working towards raising the funds necessary to hire a director which will allow us to start helping families in crisis. To learn more about Safe Families Calgary, follow us on Facebook at Safe Families Calgary, Instagram at safefamiliescalgary, or for more information, email us at calgary@safefamilies.ca